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#60: Read all best drama desk best play winners
1955: The Way of the World / Le Bal des Voleurs / Twelfth Night / The Merchant of Venice / The White Devil
1956: The Iceman Cometh
1975: Same Time, Next Year / Equus
1976: Streamers
1977: A Texas Trilogy / Otherwise Engaged
1978: Da
1979: The Elephant Man
1980: Children of a Lesser God
1981: Amadeus
1982: Master Harold...and the Boys
1983: Torch Song Trilogy
1984: The Real Thing
1985: As Is
1986: A Lie of the Mind
1987: Fences
1988: M. Butterfly
1989: The Heidi Chronicles
1990: The Piano Lesson
1991: Lost in Yonkers
1992: Marvin's Room
1993: Angels in America: Millennium Approaches
1994: Angels in America: Perestroika
1995: Love! Valour! Compassion!
1996: Master Class
1997: How I Learned to Drive
1998: The Beauty Queen of Leenane
1999: Wit
2000: Copenhagen
2001: Proof
2002: The Goat: or, Who is Sylvia? / Metamorphoses
2003: Take Me Out
2004: I Am My Own Wife
2005: Doubt
2006: The History Boys
2007: The Coast of Utopia
2008: August: Osage County
2009: Ruined

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because you need to know this: i have read, seen or read and seen these plays from your list. a club (♣) indicates seen on broadway.
1975: same time, next year (spokane civic thetre) / equus

1976: streamers (huntington theatre)

1978: ♣ da (morosco)

1979: ♣ the elephant man (booth)

1982: master harold...and the boys

1983: ♣ torch song trilogy (little)

1988: m. butterfly

1989: the heidi chronicles

1993: ♣ angels in america: millennium approaches (walter kerr)

1994: ♣ angels in america: perestroika (walter kerr)

2001: proof

2002: the goat: or, who is sylvia?

2003: ♣ take me out (walter kerr)

2007: the coast of utopia

2008: august: osage county
you're in for some wonderful reading. have a blast with these!

I'm surprised that you haven't read both halves of Angels in America.

I've read I think 4 of these, but I decided to just start again.

I WISH I could see them all, never mind on broadway.

i'm not sure why i never got around to perestroika.

Well, I have a copy. You're welcome to borrow it.

I decided I'd just re-read everything I had and wait to read the ones I'd already read recently till the end.

oddly enough, i'm pretty sure i, too, have a copy. somewhere. i think if i'm to commit to perestroika, i'll want to re-read millennium approaches so as to be sequentially-correct.

Luckily they're VERY good reads.

I already look forward to re-reading them.

76, 92, 95

Don't bother.

Sadly not an option... but I'll prepare for some drudgery!

And do my most ferocious to buckle through it.

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