Life without a lenscap

An optimistic hypocrite who never had the nerve to quit

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Ort. Ort ort ort. And oh yeah, before I forget... ort.



And will see you on teh Facebooks and the g+s

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I will miss interacting with you a great deal. I find that long form writing is my forte whether anyone else is reading or not. I'll try to keep up with you on FB, though I don't find that the site really works for me. I'm not on the other sites you've listed. So, Todd, please say hello on FB from time to time.


Big Hugs to you, Neil! I've really enjoyed getting to know you and getting to share your world! I will do my best to say hello now and again, and a very sincere thank you for all the life sharing we've done!


It's always great to see your images, wherever you post them. Take good care and hope to see you around town occasionally.

Thanks muchly, Shimmer!


OK, just added you on Flickr. See you around!

Thanks! I shall see you as well!

The talent that you shared is really inspiring. Life has its ebbs and flows. I will definitely look you up on those venues that I have not connected with you already.

Thank you so much, Walter, it's been a pleasure getting to know you!


Luckily I now have contact with you Everywhare.

Well, wherever you're hitchhiking through the galaxy I hope your journey takes you to wonderful places.
You've been a delight to get to know on LJ, even a little bit. If ever you're in southern Wisconsin, you've an open invitation to look me up and come visit.
Doubtless when the next Charles Christopher book arrives, you'll pop into my head - and I'll be grinning ear to ear.
Take care, my friend!

:) Thanks you so much! It's been a pleasure to get to have a little piece of your world, and to share mine with you.

I should be in Madison this march or April, I believe for a gay hockey tournament, if that's anywhere near where you are!

If you're in the Boston area, please do let me know.

I'm findable at and at 203.907.7006

Be well! Allons-Y!

***Happy Birthday*** :)

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