August 4th, 2021



It's once again, been a long time since my last update. I think I might make updating here more regular again, but who knows. I have an idea of doing a 365 project of sorts- which I'll detail somewhere in the rambles below.

Looks like 2015 was the last time I really engaged here, outside of a brief attempt at a drawing project.  Looks like at that time I was still heavily in love with whomst I had referred to exclusively as ™️, who I now feel comfortable revealing is now good friend Jed. He moved to California last year in the middle of the Panda Express and I'll miss having him live here- even though we didn't end up being the couple I hoped we'd be, he was probably my best friend in Chicago and I miss him.

Since then I got a boyfriend- Madison- We've been dating for... about 5 years I guess, and we bought a condo together in September in Chicago. It's a nice 2 bedroom 2 bath, about 3 blocks from the lake- grocery store across the street, el stop 2 blocks north. In November we got a dog, Moira Jean- named for Moira Rose from Schitt's Creek and CJ (Claudia Jean) Cregg from The West Wing. She's a rescue, and a sweetheart. Loves everyone and everything she meets.

Madison and Moira
Madison and Moira
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